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The use and exploitation of copyright musical works is subject to license, and permission may need to be negotiated directly with us.

Licenses from Music Sales or its representatives are required for the following:

  • Grand Rights
    for permission to perform music as part of staged work (ie an opera or ballet);
  • Synchronisation
    for permission to include music as part of a media production;
  • Arrangements or samples
    for permission to make a new version of an existing work or to include as a sample in a new composition;
  • Reprints
    for permission to reprint existing works or publications.

To request a license, please click on your territory in the alphabetical listing.

If your territory is not listed, please send your request via email to one of the following addresses.

United States:

For print/mechanical licensing: Kevin McGee

For synchronization: Bob Knight 

For Grand Rights: Iris Torres

United Kingdom:

For Grand Rights: Helen MacFarlane

For synchronisation: Susan Tilly

For arrangements or samples: Helen Macfarlane 

For reprints: Helen Macfarlane 

For further licensing enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance or visit the following website where you will find gerneral forms to download for various licensing requests


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