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Two Boys
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The Metropolitan Opera
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David Robertson

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Reviews exciting taste of how opera can talk both of and to this era.
Laura Barton, Q Magazine, 12/1/2014

“Muhly’s whodunit for the 21st century unfolds skilfully, the music both rooted in traditional forms and suggesting the shifting virtual world where “friends” are not what they seem (“Kill yourself…”). An enthralling, sometimes appalling, experience.”
Claudia Pritchard , The Independent , 10/26/2014

“Muhly’s radiant post-minimalistic score is at its most magical when capturing the scattered exchanges of the web in dense, glittering orchestral textures and chattering, collage-like choral passages.” […] “It seems appropriate that aesthetic and scale of Muhly’s score exists in the realm of sound and imagination alone.”
Kate Wakeling , BBC Music Magazine, 12/1/2014

“The sound world of composers such as Glass, Adams and Andriessen is never far away but Muhly has harnessed these influences to his own ends, crafting a distinctive post-minimal style.” […] “Muhly’s technique of layering and superimposing lines against each other acts as a particularly powerful musical metaphor for the dark web and its never-ending babble of disembodied voices, as exposed most tellingly in the opera’s dystopian ending.”
Pwyll ap Sion, Gramophone, 11/1/2014

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