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Chamber Music Volume 1
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Fidelio Trio
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MN Records
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For The Photography of Chance, Nyman juxtaposes several musical ideas into a kind of sui generis form that doesn't yield its sense with superficial listening. The work depends, as does Poczatek, on a complex counterpoint between the three parts that sometimes includes a good bit of rhythmic ambiguity [...] Poczatek, my favorite work here, consists of five movements from a soundtrack to a film of the same name...particularly enjoy the way Nyman reworks material heard earlier into the last movement, which begins as a rather truculent ground bass piece built on various alternations of dominant seventh chords [...] Time will a restless, serious work that, like so much of Nyman's work, shows how the so-called minimalist style can be used for a surprising variety of expressive purposes [...] The more I listen to Nyman's music, the more fascinated I become. His superb work deserves sustained attention from audiences, musicians, and critics alike."
Rob Haskins, American Record Guide, 3/1/2013

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