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20th Century Works for Cello & Strings
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Sudwestdeutsches Kammerorchester Pforzheim
Raphael Wallfisch cello
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William Boughton

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[Already a minor classic] Lutoslawski’s Metamorphoses, a gradual six-minute acceleration and deceleration is even enhanced by the transfer of the accompaniment from piano to strings. Maconchy’s Epyllion was new to me and is a real find: in effect a four-movement concerto in a single linked span, it is bracing, often surprisingly advanced in idiom, and can only advance the growing posthumous reputation of a composer who was often more adventurous than is sometimes assumed.
Piers Burton-Page, International Record Review, 2/1/2008

There’s no doubting Raphael Wallfisch’s commitment to this music, and his sonorous, focused playing make the most of Lutoslawski’s intense accelerando…. Maconchy’s Epyllion is a powerful work, and it’s powerfully played, from its grinding series of opening chords, through a lively scherzo, a series of cadenzas and a return to the opening material for a dark ending. Despite the use of some aleatoric techniques, the melodic lines are passionate and indefinably English in their modal contours, though with a foreign accent which reminds me of Flos Campi by Maconchy’s one-time teacher Vaughan Williams. PERFORMANCE: 4 stars SOUND: 4 stars
Martin Cotton, BBC Music Magazine, 4/1/2008

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