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Love's Voice
Nathan Vale (tenor), Paul Plummer (piano)
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SOMM Recordings

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Venables writes as from an excited inner source, a passion for music and words, also (I fancy) for the tradition which he extends, modestly again and yet with something of his own to assert. Musically, that would seem a conviction that there is still material to harvest quite naturally from the ground that fed his predecessors. In feeling (this one can only hazard), there is a sense of sympathy with those shadowy yearnings and joys (no doubt known well enough to them inwardly) of poets long out of fashion, biding their time, perhaps, till the scornful generations have passed. The elders were not men of fashion either. With Housman and Hardy so high in their literary affections, they were not ‘modern’, yet they caught so surely a flavour of their time, an underlying sadness (and a latent passion) conditioned by thGreat War of 1914. Remarkable too that Housman should so unerringly have anticipated it. …Venable’s settings of Dowson and Roethke are sensitive to mood and attractive in manner, as is his song cycle Love’s Voice.
John Steane, Gramophone, 6/1/2007

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