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European Music Project/Grözinger
Lisa Moore, piano / Mike Svoboda, trombone / Audrey Riley, cello, Hammond organ / Andrew Zolinsky, piano / James Woodrow, electric guitar / Nick Album and Rob Allum, drums
Label name
Cantaloupe Music

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...All of this music is...compelling when combined with the associated films on the DVD. Wed, a brief piano prelude where a slow, out-of-focus progression supports a sinking, fractured used as a background for William Wegman’s Treat Bottle... How to Pray seems to have inspired the 2005 film of the same name by Bill Morrison... Old footage of 1935 Midtown Manhattan and Coney Island offers material for Matt Mullican’s Elevated...combined with Lang’s Men, the message of intractable cultural and physical deterioration couldn’t be clearer. This turns out to be a useful and expressive interdisciplinary release.
Allen Gimbel, American Record Guide, 3/1/2006

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