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Ramón Paus

Publisher: UME

Irta (2005)
Unión Musical Ediciones
Solo Works (excluding keyboard)
Year Composed
14 Minutes
Programme Note
Ramón Paus Irta (2005)
Ramón Paus describes his piece for guitar "Irta" as follows:

The smell of thyme, the silence of the sea and the fresh, leafy contact of the trees at the Irta mountains were undoubtedly some of the perceptions that inspired this work.
There is also a deep cry, atavistic, dry and very sad in the imitation of the lute’s sound, its obstinate bourdon places us alone when faced to the question: What have we done with our irretrievable seaside landscapes?
I guess Irta reflects the nostalgia of the things we lost and the defencelessness when facing human stupidity.
Rilke always defended the stance of converting anxiety into things. Likewise, my uneasiness will be transmuted into art, without a doubt, in the hands of Manuel Babiloni.

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