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Judith Weir

Publisher: Chester Music

Armida (2005)
Text Writer
the composer
Chester Music Ltd
Opera and Music Theatre
Sub Category
Year Composed
50 Minutes
Solo Instrument(s)
2 Sopranos, 2 Tenors, Baritone, 2 Basses
Programme Note
Judith Weir Armida (2005)

High-powered newsreader and journalist Armida is becoming increasingly exhausted with her job. Successful army man Rinaldo is also having doubts about his vocation. Can both of them find a sense of fulfilment in the middle of a warzone?

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  • 25 DEC 2005
    Armida World Premiere
    Channel Four Television
    The Continuum Ensemble
    Talise Trevigne, Armida; Kenneth Tarver, Rinaldo; Grant Doyle, Carlo; Olivier Dumait, Ubaldo; Dean Robinson, Goffredo; Nicholas Folwell, Idraote; Donna Bateman, Ms Pescado; Philip Headlam, conductor

Weir has taken Tasso’s peace-loving soldier-hero Rinaldo and transplanted him to a country that looks like Iraq but is never named as such. Armida the enchantress that Rinaldo falls in love with becomes a war reporter, her sidekick a weather-girl. With only 10 players (The Continuum Ensemble) Weir slides a jazz-influenced theme for saxophone and trombone through an elegant, edgy mesh of Schubertian strings. Odd spots of light are picked out on a piano, while the occupying forces in Not-Iraq offer blog-arias bemoaning their sense of alienation and boredom, and Rinaldo and Armida philosophise on love and war. Weir’s music is as ever confident, soulful and distinctive…
Independent on Sunday,01/01/2006
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