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Tan Dun

Publisher: G. Schirmer

Nine Songs (1989)
Text Writer
the composer, after Qu Yan (340-277 B.C.).
G Schirmer Inc
Opera and Music Theatre
Year Composed
1 Hours 30 Minutes
Solo Instrument(s)
20 singer-performers
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Programme Note
Tan Dun Nine Songs (1989)
Nine Songs is non-narrative, based on ancient poems of the same name by the great poet Qu Yuan. Written for performance with dance, music and drama, they are filled with the beauty of nature and the mysteries of shamanistic ritual. The text, a multi-language construction of abstract sound and form, makes an independent but integral contribution to the musical scoring.

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  • 01 AUG 2011
    San Po Kong, Hong Kong
    City Contemporary Dance Company

    Other Dates:
    2-5 August - San Po Kong, Hong Kong

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