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Dmitri Smirnov

Publisher: G. Schirmer

Tiriel (1983), 41
Work Notes
Opera in 3 acts after a poem by William Blake. Available in the USA and Canada only
Text Writer
Libretto (German) after a poem by William Blake, translated by Paul Esterházy
Schirmer Russian Music
Opera and Music Theatre
Sub Category
Grand Opera
Year Composed
2 Hours 30 Minutes
Programme Note
Dmitri Smirnov Tiriel (1983), 41
King Tiriel and dying wife Myratana returns to his palace. After going blind, his sons rebelled against him. Tiriel hoped in vain for the destruction of his sons. Myratana dies. Tiriel holds them responsible for her death and pronounces a curse, to no effect. Tiriel goes to the valley where he was raised. Without recognizing him, his parents Har and Heva ask him to stay. Tiriel continues to travel, however, and meets his brother Iyim. Iyim leads his brother back to his palace. Tiriel’s sons are disgusted by their father's return. The blind king repeats his curse, now to terrible effect. Travelling, he encounters his other brother Zarel and his sons, once his slaves, who now mock him. Having arrived at his parents’, he curses them as well, but the curse spoken against his father turns back on him, and everything is destroyed with him.

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