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Per Nørgård

Publisher: Edition Wilhelm Hansen

Det er bare noget han bilder sig ind (It's All His Fancy That) (2003)
Work Notes
"Det er bare noget han bilder sig ind" ('Gennem spejlet II - mærkelige møder bag spejlet') er baseret på materiale fra 'Gennem spejlet I' for trompet og klaver (1992) som stadig gerne må opføres. Ligesom værket "Identitetsproblemer" (2003) for trombone solo er værkerne inspireret af Lewis Carrolls eventyr om Alice.
Wilhelm Hansen
Works for 2-6 Players
Year Composed
24 Minutes
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Programme Note
Per Nørgård Det er bare noget han bilder sig ind (It's All His Fancy That) (2003)
The work was commissioned by the NORDLYD festival in Trondheim, and was given its first performance at the festival (in a slightly shorter version than the present one) on 18th October 1995 by Ole Edvard Antonsen, trumpet, Arne Johansen, trombone, and Halldis Flakne, piano.

Movement titles:
1 The Red Queen
2 The White Queen
3 The Love-Call of the Gryphon and the Song of the Mock Turtle Soup
4 The Lament of the Mock Turtle
5 They’re at it again!
6 Which dreamed it?

The individual movements are inspired by characters and situations from the two books by Lewis Carroll, ALICE IN WONDERLAND (1865) and THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS (1872). An absurd-surrealistic, slightly threatening element runs through these dream-like tales and is also reflected in the music, which may be supplemented (ad lib) with recitations from the text (translation by the composer for the Danish version of the piece) as introductions to selected movements.

Semi-dramatic passages occur, for example by way of the musicians’ occasional lamenting/mocking songs, and the dramatic element can be developed/expanded ad lib if the performers have the inclination, the talent, the imagination – and the sense of fun.

Among the dream-figures we meet along the way are the Red Queen, the White Queen, Tweedledee, the Cheshire Cat (whose grin is all that is left in the end), the Mock Turtle, the Gryphon, and the Lion and the Unicorn.

In the end Alice awakes again from her dream, but she has to ask herself, “Which dreamed it?”

The performers:
Trumpet player - and Gryphon, Unicorn, White Queen, Red Queen.
Trombone player– and Mock Turtle, Lion
Piano player - and Cat

Per Nørgård, 2006

  • Ensemble
    Danish Radio Sinfonietta
    Kasper Thaarup (trombone), Ole Edvard Antonsen (trumpet)
    Giordano Bellincampi
    Dacapo Open space:
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