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Tarik O'Regan

Publisher: Novello & Co

Three Piano Miniatures (1999)
Work Notes
1st Prize, IMRO International Composition Competition 2001
Novello & Co Ltd
Solo Keyboard(s)
Year Composed
5 Minutes

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Programme Note
Tarik O'Regan Three Piano Miniatures (1999)
This three-movement work uses variants of the given row (x) derived by dint of retrograde (R.x), inversion (I.x), retrograde-inversion (R.I.x) and palindrome mirroring. The given row is not used until the final movement, although all preceding rows have been directly formed from it in the aforementioned manner.

The row has been altered in a ‘pure’ fashion (as defined by Webern in his op. 24 Concerto), one that does not involve transposing, repetition of notes within the row, artificially cutting short or artificially lengthening. The palindrome is at the heart of the work and can be seen from the method by which the rows have been organically created through to the larger form and the mirroring in the second movement.

The fourth tone row is one that underlies all three of the movements in an incipient manner (silently depressed pitches in the first movement, pedal points in the middle movement and seen as accented octave strikes in the final movement).

The four-note incipit for each movement is derived from the relevant permutation of the central four pitches relevant to the movement’s row formation.

Tarik O’Regan

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