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John Tavener

Publisher: Chester Music

Pratirúpa (2003)
Chester Music Ltd
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Year Composed
20 Minutes

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Programme Note
John Tavener Pratirúpa (2003)
Pratirúpa in Sanskrit means ‘Reflection’. This longest work so far for solo piano presents a series of self-reflecting resonances, harmonies, melodies and rhythms, so that the music becomes as it were ‘the pupil of the ear,’ instead of ‘the pupil of the eye.’ Traditionally it is by looking at the ‘pupil of the eye’ in another that one can see the most perfect, the most God-like aspect, indeed one can see ATMA – the SELF, which is none other, according to the Upanisheds than the Infinite – BRAHMA.

In musical terms therefore, I listen to a sound, the most perfect sound, like a late Mozart Quintet, of a sacred Samavedic rhythm, and then by the very act of ‘listening’ with my ear, the sound will change ‘alchemically’, and hopefully produce a music that is quite literally ‘the ear of the ear,’ that inward ear which is at the same time as eternal sound. However, this, I should stress is only the intention in this rather spiritually ambition piece!

Of course, Pratirúpa can be simply listened to as a piece of piano music but I thought that the ‘metaphysical subject’ which lies at the heart of it should be explained, and indeed may assist the listener.

JT Feb 22nd 2003

Score sample

  • Soloist(s)
    Ralph van Raat, piano
  • Soloist(s)
    Ralph van Raat
  • 09 MAY 2016
    St. Malachy. The Actor’s Chapel, New York, NY
    Haskell Small, piano
  • 19 MAR 2016
    Bethesda, MD
    Haskell Small, piano
  • 21 AUG 2015
    St. Peter's Church Festival "Dominante"
    Riga, Latvia
    St. Peter's Church Festival
  • 05 OCT 2014
    Total Immersion: John Tavener Remembered
    St Giles' Cripplegate, London
    Students from GSMD
  • 27 NOV 2013
    Pitville Pump Room, Cheltenham, UK
    James Lisney
  • 15 AUG 2013
    Musica Sacra Festival
    Rosario, Bever, Belgium
    James Lisney
  • 20 JAN 2012
    Tapiola Hall Espoo, FINLAND
    Tapiola Sinfonietta
    Ralf Gothóni (piano) ; Ralf Gothoni, conductor

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