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Aaron Jay Kernis

Publisher: G. Schirmer

Invisible Mosaic III (1988)
Associated Music Publishers Inc
Sub Category
Large Orchestra
Year Composed
17 Minutes
Programme Note
Aaron Jay Kernis Invisible Mosaic III (1988)

  • Conductor
    Hugh Wolff
    Phoenix USA:
  • Ensemble
    City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
    Hugh Wolff
Reviews close the program, Kernis' Invisible Mosaic III, dating to 1988, but receiving its first performance on this coast. It's the last of a triptych inspired by the composer's visits to the churches of Ravenna, Italy, where he was blown away by the famous Byzantine mosaics. They are riots of color, and so is his piece. It begins with crashing swirls and swoops: implosions, explosions, glowings, chatterings, escalating motifs. The orchestra members were holding a virtuoso conversation: terrific crescendos, sharp break-offs, the expansion and contraction of forces in a thousand combinations, growing toward a final eruption of light and color through the mission.
Richard Scheinin, San Jose Mercury News,17/08/2009
Lastly there is the catastrophic and chasmal fury of Invisible Mosaic III. Pumping iterative Stravinskian writing links with seismic upheavals from the percussion and a Manichean whiplash that recalls Ligeti, Henze and Mennin...
Rob Barnett,,01/01/0001
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