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Stewart Copeland

Publisher: AMP

Sheriff of Luxembourg (2017)
Palmyra Music
Solo Works (excluding keyboard)
Year Composed
10 Minutes
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Programme Note
Stewart Copeland Sheriff of Luxembourg (2017)
Composer note:
The young Sheriff rides into town on a fearsome chariot. Straight to the hall of culture he drive his furies, therein to release his quiver of crotchets and quavers, to smite wood and steel in mauling pursuit of the dark sinews of Satanic pulse. Cajoling at first, the opening salvos seem harmless but the young master gathers pace. Soon he is astride the beast! Upward raised his fiery sword…yet soft! It is a gentle song that he sings, whispering persuasion into the horned ear. The Beguiler is himself entranced! Disarmed! And harnessed.

With ready hearts the folk of Luxembourg gather the reins and unleash their loins to partake themselves of the elemental pulse. Joyous voices uplifted and surging bodies joined, deep chested Hosannas they sing!

And in the end, as the Sheriff sated now quietly takes his leave, a small urchin witness ponders. Who has persuaded whom?

Bring earplugs.

— Stewart Copeland

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