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David Lang

Publisher: G. Schirmer

almost all the time (2014)
Commissioned by Sage Gateshead, La Jolla Music Society, and Chamber Music Northwest
Red Poppy
Works for 2-6 Players
Sub Category
String Quartet
Year Composed
18 Minutes
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Programme Note
David Lang almost all the time (2014)
Composer note:
Sometimes I like to pose little compositional questions to myself, while I write. How slowly can a line fall? How quietly can a certain instrument play? My string quartet 'almost all the time' began with a similar question. Can you build a piece of music the way a person is built? In other words, can a piece begin as identical little microscopic cells that then differentiate into other functions across time? For my piece the 'cell' would be a little 10-note strand of musical DNA, and no matter how the functions changed or how the individual parts separated, the core of each musical gesture would be the little 10-note strand. For this to work the way it works in a person, the DNA would have to present in every gesture, in every phrase, in every instrument, all the time. To make it musical I ended up cheating a little bit, so I called it 'almost all the time.'

— David Lang

  • Ensemble
    Jasper Quartet
    Sono Luminus:
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