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David Lang

Publisher: G. Schirmer

simple song #3 (from Paolo Sorrentino's film 'Youth': for soprano, violin, and orchestra) (2015)
Red Poppy
Soloist(s) and Orchestra
Year Composed
6 Minutes
Soprano, violin
Programme Note
David Lang simple song #3 (from Paolo Sorrentino's film 'Youth': for soprano, violin, and orchestra) (2015)
Sumi Jo, Soprano
Viktoria Mullova, Violin

2016 Golden Globe nominee for Best Original Song
2016 Academy Award nominee for Music (Original Song).

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In Paolo Sorrentino's film "Youth," simple song #3 portrays the best-loved piece written by the composer Fred Ballinger. Buckingham Palace repeatedly requests that he conduct it for the queen.


Composer note:
I wrote [simple song #3] specifically for [Youth]. But the really exciting thing about it was that, because this movie is about a composer, [director] Paolo Sorrentino had the idea that the music should play a huge role — so he came to me before the script was really even finished. We would have these conversations about what music could mean in a movie, how music could be stretched out through the length of the entire movie to show the development of a person and his relationship to his own work, and his past, and his love.
— David Lang in an interview with Robert Siegel from NPR

Youth_Music and Sound_Final Texted Master_H264 from Film on Vimeo.

  • Ensemble
    BBC Concert Orchestra
    Sumi Jo & Terry Davies
    Milan Records:
Contempo composer David Lang’s gorgeous post-Romantic music offers rich aural rewards…
Jay Weissberg, Variety,20/05/2015
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