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Avner Dorman

Publisher: G. Schirmer

Siklòn (2015)
Commissioned by the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts for The Cleveland Orchestra; Franz Welser-Möst, music director
G Schirmer Inc
Year Composed
7 Minutes
Programme Note
Avner Dorman Siklòn (2015)
Composer note:
The first time I visited Miami was only earlier this year, but from the moment I arrived, I was captivated. So many aspects of the city spoke to me — the warm nights, the hot sun, the cosmopolitan culture, the diverse population — and I was reminded of my home city of Tel Aviv. As I had the opportunity to tour different neighborhoods in Miami and meet artists, musicians, and other members of the community, I was struck by the energy of the people. The mingling of different cultures, foods, politics, and arts concocts a whirlwind of energy that is unique to the city of Miami. Siklòn, the work I have written for this commission, refers both to the violent nature of Miami's hurricanes, as well as the frenzy of energy that comes from a place driven by hot weather, sometimes clashing ideas, and the effervescence of youth. The title, "Siklòn," is the Haitian Creole word for hurricane. While it evokes the image of a "cyclone" or a storm, the word is one that may be unfamiliar to many, and it calls to mind the worlds of experiences and ideas that are present in the fabric of Miami's culture. The work begins with a clash of ideas that is, at times, both challenging and aggressive. These musical ideas continue to interact, swirling and reacting to one another, until the storm breaks into a joyful energy. While the undercurrent continues to churn and the energy never subsides, the once-disturbing storm becomes an outlet of light and happiness. While I still hope to learn more about the depth of Miami's culture, this piece reflects how I perceive the city &mash; joyful, passionate, and bursting with creativity.

— Avner Dorman

Siklòn…is skillfully conceived and considerably more artful than many contemporary fanfare-oriented concert openers.…The premiere proved an instant hit, and the score was enthusiastically cheered by the audience.
Lawrence Budmen, Miami Herald ,21/03/2016
Siklòn, Haitian Creole for cyclone, scored for a large orchestra, is celebratory and upbeat, driving relentlessly forward, focused more on rhythm than on melody, and suggestive of stormy weather.…Piccolo and trumpets provide bright colors, and a passage dominated by woodwinds was a highlight. Siklòn reaches an optimistic conclusion.
David M. Rice, Classical Source,17/03/2016
Siklòn is a 7-minute stemwinder that starts explosively and ends up in an ecstatic, radiant C major in which the whole orchestra is piling rhythm upon rhythm as a simple scale climbs out of it into the heavens.
Greg Stepanich, Palm Beach Arts Paper,17/03/2016
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