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Daniel Wohl

Publisher: G. Schirmer

Holographic (2014)
Commissioned for the Bang on a Can All-Stars with the generous support of all the members of the People’s Commissioning Fund and the City of New York Department of Cultural Affairs
Work Notes
all instruments amplified
G Schirmer Inc
Large Ensemble (7+ players)
Year Composed
1 Hour 0 Minutes
Programme Note
Daniel Wohl Holographic (2014)
    Performance notes:
  • all instruments amplified
  • percussion set-up: vibraphone, table percussion (small shakeable handbell, small bell, guiro), medium sizzle cymbal
  • synthesizer patch is specific and will be supplied by the composer (organ patch can be used for rehearsal purposes if need be)
  • electronics in the score are an approximation of the electronic track
  • electronic track and click track will be supplied by the composer
  • click track should be sent to each player's earbud via an audio interface
  • electronics include water sounds, prepared pianos, cello harmonics, percussion, bells, vocal samples, synthesizers

"The work was a study in auditory illusion as he merged both acoustic and electronic/pre-recorded sounds. This interesting orchestration, doubling pre-recorded sounds with live instruments, created a sonic illusion in the sense that the instruments almost sounded electronic. The brilliant blend of timbres—a sound that was probably more suited to be heard than described—used very unconventional textures that formed a tonal and rhythmic minimalist structure."
Daniel Garrick, I Care if You Listen,27/03/2014
"Part of his gift is alchemical, combining instruments – both acoustic and electronic – to create new and wondrous sounds. The end result is beguiling and seductive…there is real melodic and compositional development in Holographic and I’m sure it will reveal even more delights upon further listening."
Jeremy Shatan, An Earful,16/03/2014
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