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Daniel Wohl

Publisher: G. Schirmer

Corps Exquis (2013)
Work Notes
all instruments amplified
G Schirmer Inc
Works for 2-6 Players
Sub Category
Mixed Ensemble
Year Composed
59 Minutes
Alternate Orchestration
cl(bcl), perc, pf(kbd,perc), vn, vc; fixed electronics; video
Programme Note
Daniel Wohl Corps Exquis (2013)
Daniel Wohl's Corps Exquis shares its unexpected juxtapositions with the early twentieth-century surrealist collaboration cadavre exquis created by André Breton and his Paris friends. In turn, their wordplay was modeled after the Victorian parlor game Consequences.

The album’s striking electronic elements are derived directly from Wohl’s processing of the virtuosic ensemble’s acoustic instruments (piano, violin, cello, clarinet and percussion). On the track “Ouverture”, Wohl processes the resonance from a bell hit and extends it to form the underlying electronic texture; on “Limbs”, the original acoustic piano plays in perfect unison with an electrified and transformed version of itself. The result is a dynamic and emotionally charged work in which the acoustic and electronic sounds seamlessly intertwine to the point of becoming one.

clarinet (doubling bass clarinet, vocals, percussion)
percussion (doubling melodica)
piano (doubling melodica, vocals, percussion)
keyboard (doubling keyboard, melodica, vocals, percussion) and electronics: fixed media, live processing, sampler

1. Neighborhood
2. 323
3. Cantus
4. Ouverture
5. Plus ou Moins
6. Limbs
7. Insext
8. Fluctuations
9. Corpus

Individual movements available separately.

  • Ensemble
    Wohl / Transit / So Percussion / Roche / Holter
    New Amsterdam:
Aided by Julia Holter's vaporous vocalise, Corpus floats in crepuscular world where electronic and acoustic instruments dwell in fearless equilibrium.
100 Favorite Songs Of 2013, NPR Music,11/12/2013
Perhaps the best compliment I can pay Corps Exquis is that I couldn’t stop listening to it. The tracks are a parade of bright lights and glimpses of secret corridors, all passing by long before they wear out their welcome.
Molly Sheridan,,23/07/2013
…beautiful and maze-like…
Jayson Greene,,08/07/2013
…vivid, detailed and engaging compositions…
Steve Smith, New York Times,21/06/2013
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