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Marc Neikrug

Publisher: G. Schirmer

Tiger's Nest (2014)
Marc Neikrug Music
Works for 2-6 Players
Sub Category
Piano Trio
Year Composed
14 Minutes
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Programme Note
Marc Neikrug Tiger's Nest (2014)
Tiger's Nest
Taktsang Palphug Monastery, Bhutan
Douglas J. McLaughlin
Composer's note:
The Tiger's Nest is a Buddhist Monastery perched high on the side of a sheer cliff in Bhutan. Its remote and rather incomprehensible location, combined with its beauty, leave one with a very particular and poignant feeling.

The piano trio was commissioned by the Library of Congress at the request of Oliver Knussen to whom it is dedicated.

The form is basically one movement, which consists of two separate, and simultaneously developing ideas. There is however, a kind of extended coda which I title "envoi." This is meant to comment on the movement by in essence elevating the emotion I feel from one of its elements, to another degree.

— Marc Neikrug

  • 24 JAN 2018
    Sounds from our Sounding Board
    Chicago, IL
    Fulcrum Point New Music Project
  • 11 APR 2014
    Tiger's Nest World Premiere
    Library of Congress, Washington, DC
    Birmingham New Music Group

Neikrug's Tiger's Nest for piano trio (commissioned by the Library and dedicated to Knussen) takes its title from a Buddhist monastery perched on a remote cliff in Bhutan. It's a place Neikrug says leaves you with "a very particular and poignant feeling," and the same could be said of the music, which evokes a sense of timelessness and immense space, where natural forces erupt and fall away in a constantly shifting interplay; a kind of meditation on the universe.
Stephen Brookes, Washington Post,13/04/2014
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