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Augusta Read Thomas

Publisher: G. Schirmer

Silver Chants the Litanies (for horn and ensemble)
G Schirmer Inc
Soloist(s) and Large Ensemble (7 or more players)
Solo Instrument(s)
Programme Note
Augusta Read Thomas Silver Chants the Litanies (for horn and ensemble)
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First performance:
Greg Hustis, horn
Meadows Wind Ensemble
Jack Delaney, conductor
Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX
February 20, 2004

Silver Chants the Litanies (2004) for solo French horn and eighteen players hearkens back to the example of Schubert’s great F-Major Octet of 1824, and the masterful integration of the solo horn with the ensemble evokes memories of Richard Strauss, Mahler, and even Elgar. Dedicated to Luciano Berio, Ms. Thomas’s score applies a modern idiom to musical structures little changed since the days of Gabrieli’s Antiphonal music and Mozart’s Serenades for winds.…The expressiveness of the music is magnificently realized, and the subtle indebtedness to Berio is repaid with stirring warmth.
Joseph Newsome,,01/05/2014
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