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Matthew Aucoin

Publisher: AMP

Poem for Violin (2012)
Associated Music Publishers Inc
Solo Works (excluding keyboard)
Year Composed
8 Minutes
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Programme Note
Matthew Aucoin Poem for Violin (2012)
Composer note:
The Poem for Violin is the earliest piece that I'd still call my own; I wrote it in college, and revised it shortly after I graduated. I composed it for Keir GoGwilt. Keir and I share a double interest in music and words (poetry, essays, critical theory), and this piece is a duet for music (the violin) and words (the accompanying poem). It is also a duet for sound and silence: in the score, there are two lines — the violin's notes and the poem's words. The poem unfolds in time alongside the music, and while the piece can be performed simply as a piece of music, ideally the poem is projected onto a screen, word by word, at the pace specified in the score. The music and words "talk to" one another — they seem to be reaching for one another across the invisible, fluid boundary that separates the two media, examining one another with mutual longing and fascination.

— Matthew Aucoin

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