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Matthew Aucoin

Publisher: AMP

Three Études (2014)
Associated Music Publishers Inc
Solo Keyboard(s)
Year Composed
9 Minutes
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Programme Note
Matthew Aucoin Three Études (2014)
rondo which devours itself
a sounding

Composer note:
These are studies not of particular technical challenges of piano playing, but rather in forms of musical motion and pianistic sonic possibilities. The playful "rondo which devours itself" consists of a recurring fragmentary line in the right hand that is constantly menaced by opposing forces in the music, little electric jolts that force the line to grow shorter and shorter over the piece's brief lifespan, until the whole complex self-combusts. The second etude, "currents," is a study in a strange, hovering form of perpetual motion. And the third, "a sounding," is a melancholy sounding of the depths of the piano's rich capacity for resonance.

— Matthew Aucoin

Sample Pages

Three Études (2014), for solo piano, showed Aucoin in a similarly angular style. The first of the set, entitled “rondo which devours itself,” is a witty display of disjointed statements that come together in sturdy phrases before imploding. The second movement flows from a meandering line that is punctuated by left-hand chords in irregular rhythm. The final piece of the set, “a sounding,” contains harmonies of bright tonal beauty.
Aaron Keebaugh, Boston Classical Review,24/06/2015
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