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Philip Glass

Publisher: Chester Music

Partita for Solo Violin (2011)
Dunvagen Music Publishers Inc
Solo Works (excluding keyboard)
Year Composed
30 Minutes
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Programme Note
Philip Glass Partita for Solo Violin (2011)

First Performance:
April 21, 2012
Tim Fain, violin
"Glass Chamber Works at The Temple of Dendur"
Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York, NY

Composer Note:
The Partita for Solo Violin was completed by the Spring of 2011. However, the origins of the work grew out of a writing/performing relationship that began with the Book of Longing (Philip Glass/Leonard Cohen) in 2008. At that time I was working with Tim Fain as one of the lead soloists and had completed a short solo work for him in the production. We both enjoyed the work process together and, with very little coaxing from Tim, I agreed to undertake a longer solo work. I chose the Partita as a form that would be familiar to an audience brought up on traditional, Central European art music. It would be in a number of movements (seven in the final count) and would employ familiar types of music — dance, chaconnes, a prelude, etc. The first three movements were completed early in 2011 and the last four just last Spring.

— Philip Glass

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