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Jeff Beal

Publisher: AMP

Six Sixteen (for guitar and string quartet) (2015)
St. Rose
Works for 2-6 Players
Sub Category
Other String Ensemble
Year Composed
14 Minutes
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Programme Note
Jeff Beal Six Sixteen (for guitar and string quartet) (2015)
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Composer note:
"Six Sixteen" refers to number of strings used in this work, (6 for the guitar, and 4 times each of the string quartet instruments).

As the image of a waking dream, or sense of memory feels like part of of the narrative in this music, "Six Sixteen" might also refer to a time of day (6:16AM), a room number, an address, a special date…

Although piece follows a traditional three movement form of fast, slow, fast. the first movement begins with a slow, thoughtful prelude. This prelude was not necessarily intended to be part of the final composition, but as the music evolved, I grew to like it more and more; it seemed to set the stage for reflection, and drama to follow. This simple opening sequence of "memory"chords is reprised at the end of the first movement.

The second and third movements are a study in contrasts; the second being a peaceful and hypnotic, while the third more about agitation and effort. The nightmare is one of the most intense type of dreams and seems like a fitting finale.

— Jeff Beal

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