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Ramón Paus

Publisher: UME

Gris, a propósito de ti. (2009)
Unión Musical Ediciones
Works for 2-6 Players
Sub Category
Piano + 1 Instrument
Year Composed
16 Minutes
Programme Note
Ramón Paus Gris, a propósito de ti. (2009)
The words of the acclaimed composer about “Gris, a propósito de ti” (Grey, relating to you): “I never thought the colour grey was sad, I rather associate it to seaside landscapes. Maybe I was looking for some calmness, hidden behind the surname of the famous cubist painter (Juan Gris).”

The World Premiere of "Gris, a propósito de ti" was presented in Madrid at the Teatros del Canal 16th September 2012, within the program of the Festival de Música Contemporánea de Madrid.

  • 18 MAR 2013
    XXI Festival Internacional de Primavera de Música Actual en Salamanca
    Auditorio de Salamanca
    Sebastián Mariné, Manuel Guillén
  • 16 SEP 2012
    Festival Internacional de Música Contemporánea de Madrid
    Teatros del Canal
    Sebastián Mariné, Manuel Guillén

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