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Gunther Schuller

Publisher: AMP

Where the Word Ends (2007)
Associated Music Publishers Inc
Sub Category
Large Orchestra
Year Composed
25 Minutes
Programme Note
Gunther Schuller Where the Word Ends (2007)
Boston Symphony
James Levine, conductor
Boston, MA
February 5, 2009

Audio notes:
The composer talks about the work, his compositional process, and how this process has led to the creation of his own distinctive "musical language."

  • 20 JUL 2010
    Where the Word Ends Country Premiere
    BBC Proms 2010
    Royal Albert Hall, London
    WDR Symphony Orchestra
    Semyon Bychkov, conductor
  • 20 JUL 2010
    United Kingdom
    WDR Symphony Orchestra
    Semyon Bychkov, conductor
  • 17 JUL 2010
    Redefin-Horse-Farm, Germany
    WDR Symphony Orchestra
    Semyon Bychkov, conductor
  • 10 JUN 2010
    Where the Word Ends Country Premiere
    Cologne, Germany
    WDR Sinfonieorchester Köln
    Semyon Bychkov, conductor
  • 10 JUN 2010
    Köln, Germany
    WDR Sinfonieorchester Köln
    Semyon Bychkov, conductor

    Other Dates:
    12 June - Köln, Germany
    17 July - Redefin, Germany
  • 05 FEB 2009
    Where the Word Ends World Premiere
    Boston, MA
    Boston Symphony Orchestra
    James Levine, conductor

    Other Dates:
    6,7 February - Boston, MA

Reviews encourages greater appreciation of his work...
Richard Whitehouse,,26/07/2010
...a lush, boisterous fantasy with glistening interludes...
Fiona Maddocks, The Observer,25/07/2010
...lavish in its scoring...
Barry Millington, Evening Standard,21/07/2010
...very cleverly orchestrated, and full of memories of the many kinds of music this protean American composer has encountered during his 85 years.
Ivan Hewett, The Telegraph,21/07/2010
Where the Word Ends, a 25-minute work divided in four sections played without pause, opens with a gentle shimmering trill in the strings before rapid figurations are played over bold statements from the lower strings and brass. The colorful, theatrical score builds in intensity to a riotous conclusion before an introspective Adagio with lush string melodies. The lower strings provided a steady ostinato pattern in the Scherzo, over which a flurry of dialogue ensued among brass and percussion and other instruments. The hints of jazz reflect Mr. Schuller’s significant experience as a jazz performer and composer. (He coined the term “Third Stream” to represent music blending jazz and classical music.)
Vivian Schweitzer, The New York Times,11/02/2009
It's an impeccably crafted work that does not reveal all of its secrets in a single hearing, but it is clearly a major addition to the composer's catalog, brimming with musical ideas and a certain unstoppable energy.
Jeremy Eichler, The Boston Globe,06/02/2009
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