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Bent Lorentzen

Jeppe på Bjerget (2008)
Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen
Opera and Music Theatre
Year Composed
1 Hours 40 Minutes
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Programme Note
Bent Lorentzen Jeppe på Bjerget (2008)
Jeppe - a peasant - Baritone
Nille - his wife - Mezzosoprano
Jacob - the innkeeper - Buffo tenor
The Baroness - Soprano
First Footman - Soprano
Second Footman - Bas

A modern interpretation of the Danish playwight Ludvig Holberg’ s comedy from 1722. Jeppe on the Hill tells the story of the peasant drunk – Jeppe – who becomes the victim of cruel practical joke which the local baroness plays on the unsuspecting simpleton.

The comedy springs into action when the Baroness encounters a dead-drunk Jeppe and has him brought to the castle in a stupor. When Jeppe comes around, he is led to believe that he is the Baron himself, now in a position to wreak a long-desired vengeance for indignities suffered at the hands of both his wife Nille and his former social superiors, but before mayhem and worse is allowed to happen, Jeppe is doped and once more sent back to the gutter.

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