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James Whitbourn

Publisher: Chester Music

Annelies 'Chamber version' (2004)
Text Writer
Melanie Challenger (complied and translated)
Chester Music Ltd
Chorus and Orchestra/Ensemble
Year Composed
1 Hour 18 Minutes
SATB plus concertante SATB

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Programme Note
James Whitbourn Annelies 'Chamber version' (2004)
Annelies is the first adaptation of the diary of Anne Frank into a large-scale choral work. It brings to life the diary written by Annelies Marie Frank between 1942 and 1944 when she and her family hid in the back of an Amsterdam warehouse. From the windows, Anne looked up to the beauty of the sky, and downwards to the brutality meted out by the Nazis. The contrasting sights inspired some of the most profound and memorable thoughts in an extraordinary diary, read by millions of people throughout the world.

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  • Ensemble
    Westminster Williamson Voices The Lincoln Trio
    Arianna Zukerman (soprano)
    James Jordan
  • 19 NOV 2016
    Annelies 'Chamber version' Country Premiere
    Maureen Forrester Recital Hall, Wilfrid Laurier University Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
    Grand Philharmonic Chamber Singers
    Mark Vuorinen, conductor
  • 03 SEP 2016
    Montreux Marché Couvert
    Choeur St-Michel
  • 25 JUN 2016
    Adelaide, Australia
    Adelaide Chamber Singers
    Greta Bradman, soprano; Samantha Webber, clarinet; Adam Chalabi, violin; Rachel Johnston, cello; Jamie Cock, piano; Carl Crossin, conductor

    Other Dates:
    26 June - Adelaide, Australia
  • 22 MAY 2016
    Stadttheater, Steyr, Austria
    Ensemble Bernstain; Forum Vocale; Sabine Reiter, violin; Ernst Reiter, clarinet; Wolfgang Rieger, cello; Stephanie Daase, piano
    Marietta Zumbült,soprano; Welfhard Lauber, conductor

    Other Dates:
    23 May - Stadttheater, Gmunden, Austria
  • 13 MAY 2016
    Fribourg, Switzerland
    Chœur St-Michel, Fribourg
    Philippe Savoy, conductor
  • 04 MAY 2016
    Hillegondakerk, Kerkdreef 2, Rotterdam
    Christelijk Kamerkoor Maasluis
    Leo den Broeder, conductor
  • 30 APR 2016
    Immanuëlkerk Maassluis, Netherlands
    Christelijk Kamerkoor Maasluis
    Leo den Broeder, conductor
  • 30 APR 2016
    Hoofdstraatkerk, Hoogeveen, Netherlands
    Drents Kamerkoor
    Kathelijn van Dongen, soprano; Izebrand de Boer, clarinet; Caroline Babendererde, violin; Kumi Kondo, cello; Jan de Roos, piano; Dick Dijk, conductor

    Other Dates:
    1 May - Nicolaikerk, Appingedam, Netherlands
    4 May - Kerk Op de Helte, Roden, Netherlands
  • 29 MAR 2016
    Boston University Concert Hall, Boston, MA
    Graduate Vocal Ensemble
    Magdelena Tang, conductor
  • 03 MAR 2016
    Lexington High School, Donald J. Gillespie, Jr. Auditorium; Lexington, MA
    Lexington High School Honors Choruses; Justin Aramati, clarinet; Elizabeth Whitfield, violin; Jane Sheena, cello; Paul Carlson, piano
    Lynn Eustis, soprano; Jason Iannuzzi, conductor
  • 18 OCT 2015
    St John's Church, East Malvern, Victoria, Australia
    Extrinsic (Melbourne Choral Scholars), Ensemble Liaison
    Greta Bradman, soprano; Robin Wilson, violin; Michael Leighton Jones, conductor
  • 17 OCT 2015
    ST. Boniface Church 318 N. 9th St., Lafayette, Indianapolis
    Bach Chorale Singers
    Michelle Louer, conductor

    Other Dates:
    18 October - Second Presbyterian Church N. Meridian St., Indianaopolis
  • 11 JUL 2015
    Llandielo Festival
    Llandielo Festival, Wales
    Armonico Consort
    Christopher Monks, conductor
  • 13 JUN 2015
    Annelies 'Chamber version' Country Premiere
    Forum Neuhofen, Austria
    Ensemble Bernstain / Forum Vocale
    Marietta Zumbült, soprano; Welfhard Lauber, conductor

    Other Dates:
    14 June - Pfarrkirche, Pettenbach, Austria
  • 04 MAY 2015
    Westerkerk, Prinsengracht 281, Amsterdam
    Sine Nomine International Touring Choir
    Marjon Strijk, soprano; Anoek Brokaar, violin; Anastasia Feruleva, cello; Ryanne Hofman, clarinet; Frank Oppedijk, piano; Paul Valk, conductor
  • 03 MAY 2015
    St Gertrudiskerk Bergen op Zoom
    Hét Concertkoor
    Elise Caluwaerts, soprano; Danna Paternotte, violin; Susanne Rosmolen, cello; Céleste Zewald, clarinet; Lies Braakman, piano; Andre Telderman, conductor
  • 03 MAY 2015
    Oude Ursulakerk, Dorpsstraat 93, Warmenhuizen
    Sine Nomine International Touring Choir
    Marjon Strijk, soprano; Anoek Brokaar, violin; Anastasia Feruleva, cello; Ryanne Hofman, clarinet; Frank Oppedijk, piano; Paul Valk, conductor
  • 24 APR 2015
    Alexander Kass Theatre, Montclair State University, NJ
    Montclair State University Chorale
    Adriana Zabala, mezzo-soprano; KeriAnn DiBari, clarinet; Elena Chernova Davis, violin; Katherine Cherbas, cello; Steven W. Ryan, piano; Heather Buchanan, conductor
  • 19 APR 2015
    228 West Edenton Street, Raleigh, North Carolina
    Una Voce, Mary Elizabeth Southworth, Rebekah Binford, Elizabeth Beilman, John Noel, Marianne Breneman; Kevin B. Holland , conductor
  • 11 APR 2015
    Church of the Pilgrimage, Plymouth, MA
    Pilgrim Festival Chorus
    William Richter, conductor

    Other Dates:
    12 April - Church of the Pilgrimage, Plymouth, MA
  • 01 FEB 2015
    Alte Synagoge Edmund-Körner-Platz, Essen, Germany
    Gast-Konzert des Unichores Duisburg-Essen
    Christine Graham, soprano; Nikolai Pfeffer, clarinet; Nina Liepe, violin; Anna Weirich, cello; David Andruss, piano;; Hermann Kruse, conductor
  • 25 JAN 2015
    Squires Recital Salon, Virginia Tech
    Colla Voce Choir
    Ariana Wyatt; soprano, David Ehrlich; violin, Ben Wyatt; cello, Teresa Ehrlich; piano, Phillip Paglialonga; clarinet; Larry Wyatt, conductor
  • 08 NOV 2014
    Oheb Shalom, South Orange, NJ, USA
    Harmonium Choral Society
  • 04 SEP 2014
    Elizabeth Murdoch Hall, Melbourne, Australia
    The Choir of Trinity College and Ensemble Liason
    Greta Bradman; Michael Leighton Jones, conductor
  • 04 MAY 2014
    Amersfoort, Netherlands
    St. Francis Xavier Cathedral
    Marjon Strijk; Paul Valk, conductor
  • 27 APR 2014
    Uilenburger Sjoel synagogue, Amsterdam
    Nikki Treurniet (Soprano); Benjamin Bakker, conductor

    Other Dates:
    4 May - Westerkerk, Amsterdam
  • 12 APR 2014
    Indiana, USA
    Bloomington Chamber Singers
    Gerry Sousa, conductor

    Other Dates:
    13 April - Indiana, USA
  • 09 MAR 2014
    Keneseth Israel, PA 19027, USA
    Academy Chorale and Chamber Choir
    Michael Kemp, conductor
  • 27 JAN 2014
    St Martin in the Fields, London
    St Martin's Voices
    Andrew Earis, conductor
  • 24 NOV 2013
    Colonial Church of Edina, Edina; Minnesota
    Oratorio Society Chorus
    Adriana Zabala; Matthew Mehaffey, conductor

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