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Michael Nyman

Publisher: Chester Music

Love Counts (2005)
Commissioned by the Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe, Germany
Chester Music Ltd
Opera and Music Theatre
Sub Category
Chamber Opera
Year Composed
1 Hour 40 Minutes
soprano, bass
Programme Note
Michael Nyman Love Counts (2005)
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Act II

Vocal score

  • Ensemble
    Michael Nyman Band
    Andrew Slater, Helen Williams
    Paul McGrath
    MN Records:
His score here is cast in the form of a series of "blocks" of music, each rich in cross-rhythms, based on a repeated figure, and keeping closely to the home key. Some blocks beat up the familiar Nyman frenzy, but others are grave and graceful. [...] Nyman now writes with real affection for the human voice. At those moments when Hastings' libretto becomes Blakean in its tender simplicity, the score faithfully follows. This marriage of words and music is a nice place to inhabit.
Michael Church, The Independent,18/07/2007
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