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Michael Tilson Thomas

Publisher: G. Schirmer

Stay Together (2006)
Electroacoustic Works
Year Composed
40 Minutes
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In Stay Together, the latest work by San Francisco’s sui generis dance theater auteur, the improbable becomes the buoyantly inevitable. Gently percolating with sly wit, a cryptically nimble text, lean and lyrical dancing, a beguiling new score by San Francisco Symphony Music Director Michael Tilson Thomas, gorgeous design and a defining generosity of spirit, the 40-minute piece…is a paean to collaborative faith and the difficulties, both artistic and mundane, that test it... Thomas, in his first collaboration with Goode, delivers a wonderfully theatrical score as the aural engine for the piece. Ranging from little thonks and shudders to burbling pop phrases… expansive, gamelan-like shimmers later on, the recorded music loyally serves and heightens Goode’s evolving scenario.
Steven Winn, San Francisco Chronicle,1/1/0001
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