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Joan Tower

Publisher: AMP

Night Fields (1994),
Associated Music Publishers Inc
Works for 2-6 Players
Sub Category
String Quartet
Year Composed
15 Minutes

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Programme Note
Joan Tower Night Fields (1994),
Composer's Note:

Night Fields, my first string quartet, is dedicated with affection and admiration to the Muir String Quartet. The title came after the work was completed and provides an image or setting for some of the moods of the piece: a cold windy night in a wheat field lit up by a bright full moon where waves of fast-moving colors ripple over the field, occasionally settling on a patch of gold.

-- Joan Tower

  • Ensemble
    Muir String Quartet
    Bayla Keyes and Peter Zazofsky, violins; Steven Ansell, viola; Michael Reynolds, cello
    New World Records:
Its single-movement structure frames an emotional elegiac outpouring with outer sections of intense vigor and harmonic strength. Its 16 minutes contain a gamut of human expression couched in a harmonically colorful aural garb.
Robert Croan, Post-Gazette,14/02/1996
In the program of standard works, [the Muir Quartet] added the spice of Joan Tower’s Night Fields, a single-movement work written in 1993. The composer concentrated her musical ideas into an explosive, dark-hued piece that spoke passionately to this audience. In the development of the early melodic and emotional ideas, all four instruments urged through music that built monumental effects from strongly differentiated roles. The music brought out the technical strength of the group as well as its gift for finding the inflection to reveal depths within the flying notes.
Daniel Webster, Philadelphia Inquirer,04/11/1995
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