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Dmitri Shostakovich

Publisher: G. Schirmer

The Limpid Stream, Comedy Ballet in three acts and four scenes (1935), Op. 39
Work Notes
G Schirmer is the publisher of the work in the USA, Canada and Mexico only. Le Chant du Monde is the publisher of the work in France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Andorra, French speaking African countries.
Schirmer Russian Music/Le Chant du Monde
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Programme Note
Dmitri Shostakovich The Limpid Stream, Comedy Ballet in three acts and four scenes (1935), Op. 39
Full Scores available from Hal Leonard in 2 Volumes:
Volume I
Volume II

Piano Scores available from Hal Leonard in 2 Volumes:
Volume I
Volume II

1. Ouverture (Allegro)
Act I
Scene 1
2. Adagio. Zina and Pyotr (Adagio – Allegro – Allegro vivo)
3. March (Allegretto)
4. Meeting between Two Friends (Allegretto)
5. Examination Dance (Allegretto – Tempo di mazurka)
6. March (Allegretto)
7. Scene and Waltz-Entr’acte (Allegretto – Meno mosso)
Scene 2
8. The Celebration (Allegro)
9. Russian Dance (Allegro)
10. Chaconne (Andantino – Più mosso – Tempo primo)
11. Young Girl’s Dance (Allegro)
12. Dance of the Milkmaid and the Tractor Driver (Moderato con moto)
13. The Ballerina’s Waltz (Tempo di valse)
14. Comic Dance (Galya and the Accordion Player) (Allegro – Moderato – Allegro – Più mosso)
15. Dance of the Mountain Tribesmen and Men from Kuban (Presto)
16. Departure (Allegro)
17. Zina’s Jealousy (Allegretto)
18. Revelation of Zina’s Profession (Allegretto – Tempo di mazurka)
19. The Plot (Allegro)
Act II
Scene 3
20. Invitation to a Rendez-vous (Adagio)
21. Dressing-Up Scene (Allegro)
22. Entry of Galya and the Accordion Player (Andantino)
23. Tango (Allegro – Andante – Meno mosso – Andante – Allegro – Meno mosso – Allegro)
24. Playing Jokes on the Elderly Couple (Allegretto)
25. Adagio. Arrival at the Rendezvous
26. Waltz. Variation of the Ballet Dancer in Woman’s Dress (Allegretto)
27. Variation of the Ballerina in Her Partner’s Costume (Allegro)
28. Coda (Allegro)
29. Adagio. Pyotr and Zina in the Ballerina’s Costume
30. The Plotter’s Dance (Moderato)
31. Zina’s Variation (Presto – Moderato)
32. Coda (Allegro)
33. A Mise-en-Scène in Dance ‘The Murder’ (Allegretto poco moderato)
34. Variation of the ‘Murdered Lady’ (Allegro – Meno mosso)
35. Finale Coda (Presto)
Scene 4
36. Entr’acte ‘The Swings’ (Allegro molto)
37. March ‘The Harvest Celebraton’ [Tempo di marcia]
38. Waltz (Andantino)
39. Revelation Scene (Andantino – [Adagio] – Presto)
40. The Ballet Dancer’s Variation (Allegro – Più mosso)
41. The Ballerina’s Variation (Allegretto)
42. Zina’s Variation (Allegro – Meno [mosso] – a tempo)
43. Coda [Presto]
44. Final Dance (Allegro – Più mosso – Poco meno mosso)

Pieces not included in the stage version of the ballet:
1. After ‘March’ before ‘Waltz’ of the Ballet Dancers [Vivo]
2. After Reviewing Those in Disguise (Vivo)
3. The Weavers’ Dance (Moderato non troppo)
4. Zina’s and Pyotr’s Dance [Moderato con moto]
5. Lubok (Folk Dance) (Allegretto)
6. A Mise-en-Scène in Dance ‘The Murder’. Variant (Allegro molto)
7. The Swings (Presto)
8. Adagio
9. Variation (Allegretto)
10. Zina’s Variation (second version) (Allegretto)
11. Zina’s Variation (third version) (Allegretto)

Fragments of pieces not included in the stage version of the ballet:
1. Variation (Allegro)
2. Finale of Act I [Presto]
3. Finale of Act I (final bars) [Presto]
4. Fragment [Allegro]

The Bright Stream...was first done in 1935, to a brightly appealing score by Shostakovich and choreography by Fyodor Lopukhov, then a famous, progressive figure in Russian ballet. But Pravda, meaning Stalin, hated it; it disappeared from the stage, and it was revived only in 2003 by Alexei Ratmansky, the Bolshoi’s new artistic director. sounds deft and appealing....The plot is a farrago of intrigues among the collective farm workers and a troupe of visiting artists sent to entertain them, complete with disguises in drag and loads of character’s all affectionately satirical...full of deft subtleties of color and phrasing...
John Rockwell, The New York Times,01/01/0001
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