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Sahl, Michael and Salzman, Eric

Publisher: G. Schirmer

Civilization & Its Discontents (1977)
Text Writer
the composers.
G Schirmer Inc
Opera and Music Theatre
Year Composed
45 Minutes
chorus (opt)
Baritone, Soprano, 2 Tenors

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Programme Note
Sahl, Michael and Salzman, Eric Civilization & Its Discontents (1977)

Cast List:
   JILL GOODHEART, an aspiring actress and singer: Soprano
   JEREMY JIVE, theatrical agent, young and idealistic: Tenor
   DEREK DUDE, Jill's boyfriend, ad agency type: Baritone
   CARLOS ARACHNID, guru of Club Bide-a-Wee: Tenor
   Denizens of Club Bide-a-Wee (enough to fill up the stage; they need not be professional singers or dancers but may function as an optional singing chorus)

Derek Dude goes to a bar with his girlfriend, Jill Goodheart, but leaves by himself. Jeremy Jive picks Jill up and returns to her apartment, which she shares with Derek. Derek returns and, rather than instigating a fight, talks with Jeremy. The two discover that they are involved in the same business deal. Ignored, Jill tries to kill herself with an electric knife. She is saved by the entrance of the stoned guest Carlos Arachnid, who transports the three to his Club Bide-a-Wee, where they live happily ever after.

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