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Richard Danielpour

Publisher: AMP

Vox Terrae (2008)
Associated Music Publishers Inc
Year Composed
18 Minutes
Programme Note
Richard Danielpour Vox Terrae (2008)

Composer note:
I have often composed music in order to give voice to those who are not heard. With Vox Terrae, the voice is that of our planet. Of course, like the many disenfranchised, the earth does speak, but we often turn a deaf ear, in spite of the many global issues that are now beginning to affect us adversely.

The latter part of the 15-minute work can be interpreted as confession, apology, and intercession all rolled into one. I was reminded again, in going through the galleys of the piece recently, that we are here for such a short time, and then a part of us becomes one with the earth itself.

Vox Terrae (Voice of the Earth), composed for The Lancaster Symphony in 2007, was intended for the new hall yet to be built. In the absence of the new edifice, it was decided to perform it without further delay.

— Richard Danielpour

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