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Sergei Prokofiev

Publisher: G. Schirmer

Cinderella (1944), Op. 87
Work Notes
G Schirmer is the publisher of the work in the USA, Canada and Mexico only. Le Chant du Monde is the publisher of the work in France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Andorra, French speaking African countries.
Score sold by Classical on Demand.
Text Writer
scenario by Nikolai Volkov
Schirmer Russian Music/Le Chant du Monde
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Year Composed
1 Hour 40 Minutes
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Programme Note
Sergei Prokofiev Cinderella (1944), Op. 87
Ballet in three acts to a scenario by Nikolai Volkov.

Act I
1. Introduction (Andante dolce])
2. Veil Dance (Allegretto] – Poco più mosso – L'istesso tempo – Poco più animato – Meno mosso [Allegretto] – Allegro – Più mosso – Allegro)
3. Cinderella (Andante dolce)
4. Cinderella’s Father (Andantino – Andante poco drammatico)
5. The Beggar Fairy (Adagio)
6. The Sister Dress for the Ball (Vivo – Andantino)
7. The Dancing Lesson (Allegretto – Più animato – Più animato – Allegretto)
8. Departure for the Ball (Stepmother and Sisters) (Vivo – Andantino – Vivo)
9. Cinderella’s Dream of the Ball (Andante dolce – Allegretto – Andante dolce)
10. Gavotte (Allegretto)
11. Second Appearance of the Beggar Fairy (Adagio)
12. Variation of the Spring Fairy (Presto – Moderato)
13. Monologue of the Summer Fairy (Andantino sognando)
14. Grasshoppers and Dragonflies (Vivace con brio)
15. Variation of the Autumn Fairy (Allegro moderato – Andantino – Poco più mosso)
16. Variation of the Winter Fairy (Allegro moderato)
17. The Departure is Delayed (Vivo)
18. Clock Scene (Allegro moderato)
19. Cinderella’s Departure to the Ball (Allegro espressivo)
Act II
20. Court Dance (Andante grazioso – Poco più tranquillo – Tempo I)
21. Passepied (Allegretto)
22. Dance of the Cavaliers (Bourrée) (Allegro pesante e ben ritmato)
23. Khudishka's Variation (Allegretto)
24. Kubishka's Variation (Allegretto capriccioso – Più mosso – Tempo I)
25. Court Dance (Andante grazioso)
26. Mazurka and Entrance of the Prince (Allegro – Poco più sostenuto – Moderato – Allegro ma non troppo – Meno mosso – Moderato – Più mosso ben ritmato)
27. Variation of the Prince's Four Friends (Allegro moderato)
28. Mazurka (Allegro, ma non troppo – Poco più sostenuto)
29. Cinderella's Arrival at the Ball (Allegro – Andante)
30. Grand Waltz (Allegretto – Più animato – Meno mosso – Meno mosso della prima volta)
31. Promenade (Allegro tranquillo)
32. Cinderella's Variation (Allegro grazioso)
33. The Prince's Variation (Andante con brio)
34. Entertainment of the Guests (Moderato)
35. The Sisters' Duet with the Oranges (Allegro con brio – Poco più mosso – Allegro con brio)
36. Duet – Cinderella and the Prince (Adagio) (Adagio – Poco più animato)
37. Waltz-Coda (Allegro espressivo – Presto)
38. Midnight (Allegro moderato – Moderato)
39. The Prince and the Cobblers (Allegro scherzando)
40. The Prince's First Galop (Presto [q = 168] – Andante)
41. The Temptation (Moderato – Allegretto – Moderato I – Allegretto – Moderato I)
42. The Prince's Second Galop (Presto)
43. Oriental Dance (Andante dolce – Poco più animato – Tempo I)
44. The Prince's Third Galop (Allegro marcato)
45. Cinderella Awakes (Andante dolce – Allegretto – Allegro ma non troppo – Poco più mosso – Tempo I – Poco più mosso – Andante molto)
46. The Morning after the Ball (Allegretto capriccioso – Moderato – Vivo)
47. The Prince’s Visit (Vivace – Poco meno presto – Andante con brio – Vivace I – Moderato furioso – Poco pi ù mosso)
48. The Prince has Found Cinderella (Adagio passionato – Andante – Moderato – Andante)
49. Slow Waltz (Adagio) – Poco più animato – Tempo I – Assai più mosso – Poco più animato – Meno mosso [Più animato al Adagio I])
50. Amoroso (Andante dolcissimo – Poco meno mosso)

  • 22 JAN 2020
    War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco, CA
    San Francisco Ballet
    Martin West, conductor

    Other Dates:
    21,23,24,26 January; 1,2 February - War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco, CA
  • 24 JAN 2020
    Orpheum Theater, Phoenix, AZ
    The Phoenix Symphony, Troupe Vertigo
    Matthew Kasper, conductor

    Other Dates:
    25,26 January - Orpheum Theater, Phoenix, AZ
  • 14 FEB 2020
    Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts / Orlando, FL / USA
    Orlando Ballet

    Other Dates:
    15,16 February - Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts / Orlando, FL / USA
  • 28 FEB 2020
    Mattie Kelly Arts Hall / Niceville, FL / USA
    Northwest Florida Ballet Orchestra
    David Ott, conductor
  • 27 MAR 2020
    Cameron Carpenter at Northrop Auditorium
    Minnealopis, Minnesota
    Minnesota Orchestra
    Akijo Fujimoto, conductor

    Other Dates:
    28 March - Minnealopis, Minnesota
  • 28 MAR 2020
    Koger Center for the Arts / Columbia, SC / USA
    Columbia City Ballet, South Carolina Philharmonic Orchestra
    Morihiko Nakahara, conductor

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