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Richard Peaslee

Publisher: AMP

Stonehenge (A Jazz Symphony) (1963)
Margun Music
Works for Band/Wind/Brass Ensemble
Sub Category
Concert Band
Year Composed
17 Minutes
Solo Instrument(s)
asx(cl), asx(fl,afl), tsx(cl), tsx(cl,bcl), barsx, 4 tpt, 4 tbn, btbn, gtr, dm, db
Programme Note
Richard Peaslee Stonehenge (A Jazz Symphony) (1963)
Stonehenge is a four-movement work for jazz orchestra composed originally for Bill Russo's legendary London Jazz Orchestra. It is a virtuoso piece but not at all beyond the capabilities of a better college level "big band." It was recorded in London and has been performed by such distinguished ensembles as Stan Kenton's Los Angeles Neophonic Orchestra.

— Richard Peaslee

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