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Jacques Offenbach

Publisher: AMP

Ba-Ta-Clan (1855)
Work Notes
G. Schirmer controls the rights in the English translation by Ian Strasfogel for this work but does not supply orchestral materials.
Text Writer
Libretto by Ludovic Halévy. Adapted and translated into English by Ian Strasfogel.
G Schirmer Inc
Opera and Music Theatre
Year Composed
45 Minutes
Programme Note
Jacques Offenbach Ba-Ta-Clan (1855)
The action is set in the Chinese state of Che-I-Nor, whose national anthem is the Ba-Ta-Clan. The Chief of the Imperial Guard, Ko-Ko-Ri-Ko, is conspiring to dethrone the King, Fe-Ni-Han. Ko-Ko-Ri-Ko tells the King that his supporters Fe-An-Ich-Ton and Ke-Ki-Ka-Ko are in fact traitors and persuades him to order their execution. However, when it turns out that Fe-An-Ich-Ton and Ke-Ki-Ka-Ko are in fact Parisians, Fe-Ni-Han reveals himself also to be a Frenchman and agrees to spare them. Fe-Ni-Han decides to return to France with Fe-An-Ich-Ton and Ke-Ki-Ka-Ko and hands his crown to Ko-Ko-Ri-Ko, who in the meantime has admitted that he too is French.

  • 22 NOV 2012
    Sempreoper Dresden, Germany
    Sächsische Staatskapelle Dresden

    Other Dates:
    23,26,28 November; 1,3,4,11,13,15,28,29 December -

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