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Gabriel Yared

Publisher: Chester Music

Clavigo (2000)
Work Notes
Directed by Francois Roussillon
Chester Music Ltd
Sub Category
Year Composed
1 Hour 27 Minutes
Programme Note
Gabriel Yared Clavigo (2000)
Inspired by Goethe’s early romantic play, Clavigo recounts the agonies of a week-willed lover torn between the bidding of his heart and his evil spirit urging him to serve his own interests, leading him to forsake true love in favour of a life of debauchery.

Gabriel Yared: “Clavigo does not have a main theme, strictly speaking, but I focused on the innocent, poignant figure of Marie. She inspired me with a lyric theme which recurs three times, each time under a new guise.
I definitely did not want to write ‘period’ music. On the contrary, I tried to use the greatest variety of styles, to explore the various types of music I like, for the sheer pleasure of composing music one could dance to.”

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