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Jan Meyerowitz

Publisher: AMP

Esther (1957)
Associated Music Publishers Inc
Opera and Music Theatre
Year Composed
1 Hours 41 Minutes
SSATB chorus
Soprano, Bass Baritone, 3 Tenors, 4 Baritones [1=Bass]
Solo Instrument(s)
3 Basses, 2 Mezzo sopranos, medium and low voices
Alternate Orchestration
1021/2110/timp.perc/hp/str; stage music: 2tpt, hn, tbn
Programme Note
Jan Meyerowitz Esther (1957)
The Persian king Ahasuerus has married Esther, a Hebrew, without knowing her religion. She has kept her secret on the advice of her uncle Mordechai, but she tells the king who she really is when the king’s evil advisor Haman plots to destroy all the Jews in Persia. The king respects Esther for her courage and hangs Haman on the gallows the wicked advisor had erected for the Jews.

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