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Gian Carlo Menotti

Publisher: G. Schirmer

Help, Help, the Globolinks! (1968)
Text Writer
Libretto by the composer.
G Schirmer Inc
Opera and Music Theatre
Year Composed
1 Hour 10 Minutes
Dutch, English, French, German
S, S, high Bar, Bar, T, Mz, Bar, B
Solo Instrument(s)
12 children, globolinks
Alternate Orchestration
1(pic)11(bcl)0/1101/perc/pf.hp/str; tp

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Programme Note
Gian Carlo Menotti Help, Help, the Globolinks! (1968)
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Cast List:

   EMILY, 14 years old: Soprano
   MADAME EUTERPOVA, the Music Teacher: Soprano
   DR. STONE, Dean of St. Paul's School: High Baritone
   TONY, the Bus Driver: Baritone
   TIMOTHY, the School Janitor: Tenor
   MISS PENELOPE NEWKIRK, the Mathematics Teacher: Mezzo-Soprano
   MR. LAVENDER-GAS, the Literature Professor: Baritone
   DR. TURTLESPIT, the Science Professor: Bass
   12 CHILDREN (some of whom are required to sing small solo parts)

A busload of children becomes stranded when the vehicle breaks down. It is soon surrounded by unearthly globolinks, who are repulsed by musical sounds. A child goes off to get help and the children are saved by the intervention of good music.

  • Ensemble
    Madison Opera, Madison Symphony Orchestra
    David Small, Erin Windle, Kenneth Church, Bert Adams, Terry Kiss Frank, Mark Schmandt, Paul Radulescu, Rachel Joselson
    John DeMain
    Newport Classic:
  • Ensemble
    Hamburg Philharmonic Staatsorchestre
    Franz Grundheber, Ursula Boese, Raymond Wolansky, Kurt Marschner, William Workman, Arlene Saunders, Edith Mathis, Noël Mangin
    Matthias Kuntzsch
    Arthaus Musik:
"A smash hit of unqualified proportions."
Paule Hume, Washington Post,01/01/0001
"Everybody loved it, everybody entered into the spirit of the message...Menotti has come up with a hit"
Harold C. Schonbeg, New York Times,01/01/0001
"The Wizard of the Opera has done it again...'Help, Help, The Globolinks' is an irresistable delight"
Lynn Buckingham, Albuquerque Tribune,01/01/0001
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