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Peter Lieberson

Publisher: AMP

Accordance for 8 Instruments (1975)
Associated Music Publishers Inc
Large Ensemble (7 or more players)
Year Composed
12 Minutes
Programme Note
Peter Lieberson Accordance for 8 Instruments (1975)
Composer Note:

I composed Accordance in the late summer and winter of 1975 for the new music group Speculum Musicae. I chose the ensemble of alto flute, oboe, bass clarinet, viola, vibraphone/glockenspiel, harp, piano and double bass for its ability to blend in chords and doublings of all kinds. This octet nearly always plays together, more like a band than a chamber ensemble in which each instrument has a distinct character. In Accordance, individual lines grow out of the chords the whole group plays. It was this idea of a magnetizing harmony that gave me the title of the work: the instruments are in accord with each other and dance with each other.

—Peter Lieberson

  • Ensemble
    Oliver Knussen
    ASKO Ensemble
    Deutsche Grammophon:
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