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Giya Kancheli

Publisher: G. Schirmer

Wingless (1993)
G. Ricordi & C. Milano/VAAP
Sub Category
Large Orchestra
Year Composed
28 Minutes

Kancheli's Wingless, written in 1993, [contains] beauty, extremes, innovation and spirit. It was hard to believe that this subtly powerful and utterly suspenseful piece was 35 minutes long. Its tracts are so spacious, calm and quiet that you could have heard your heartbeat. The sinuous woodwind melodies it begins with seem a reference to Russia's past -- the exotic Rimsky and Khatchaturian -- but until they recur there is nothing but a void of softly piled-up chords, sustained, suspended and focused as a laser beam...Gradually with perfect calculation, the sound climbs repeatedly into shattering quadruple-fortes. And not one effect felt excessive or anything but inevitable. [It was] both desolate and beautiful.
Lloyd Dykk, The Vancouver Sun,1/1/0001
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