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Charles Ives

Publisher: AMP

Fourth of July, 3rd Movement from the Symphony Holidays (1913)
Associated Music Publishers Inc
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Large Orchestra
Year Composed
ed. by Wayne D. Shirley
7 Minutes
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Programme Note
Charles Ives Fourth of July, 3rd Movement from the Symphony Holidays (1913)
A parade of Americana with thematic nods to such popular tunes as “Columbia the Gem of the Ocean,” “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” “Battle Cry of Freedom,” and “Yankee Doodle.” Probably the most complex and fascinating of the four movements of the "Holidays" Symphony, Ives's Fourth of July takes metrical and motivic play to its outer limits. Commenting in his Memos, Ives wrote, "I did what I wanted to, quite sure that the thing would never be played, although the uneven measures that look so complicated in the score are mostly caused by missing a beat, which was often done in parades. In the parts taking off explosions, I worked out combinations of tones and rhythms very carefully by kind of prescriptions, in the way a chemical compound which makes explosions would be made." When programming for patriotic themes, also consider Ives's Washington's Birthday (from the "Holidays" Symphony), and Symphony No. 3, The Camp Meeting.

  • Ensemble
    New York Philharmonic
    Leonard Bernstein
    Sony Classical:
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