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Karel Husa

Publisher: AMP

Monodrama (Portrait of an Artist) (1976)
Associated Music Publishers Inc
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Large Orchestra
Year Composed
23 Minutes

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Karel Husa Monodrama (Portrait of an Artist) (1976)

The big moment, however, was provided, from any standpoint, by Husa’s Monodrama, concerned with the artist, his creative progress and his conflict with society. Husa’s music was as thoroughly enjoyable as it was thoroughly modern, filled with wild escapades for the percussion, measured-out “ad libs” for almost everybody, all sort of sonic effects. One, of course, must assume that the orchestra’s realization of the brutally difficult score was more or less correct. Certainly the thrilling, feverish results would indicate that it was.
The Indianapolis News, "Showtime",3/27/1976
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