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Karel Husa

Publisher: AMP

Concerto for Organ and Orchestra (1987)
Associated Music Publishers Inc
Soloist(s) and Orchestra
Year Composed
22 Minutes
Solo Instrument(s)
Programme Note
Karel Husa Concerto for Organ and Orchestra (1987)
The Concerto for Organ and Orchestra by Karel Husa was commissioned by Dorothy Humel Hovorka for the Michelson-Morley Centennial Celebration. It was premiered by the Cleveland Institute of Music Chamber Orchestra on October 28, 1987.

[The “Concerto for Percussion and Wind Ensemble”] stressed overlapping, stacked tones; close (seemingly quartet) tones obtained through sliding and lipping wind sounds); driving rhythms; sustained, supporting tonalities by winds as a background for percussion. It was a fascinating and captivating work, not only from the physical rhythmic involvement, but also from beautiful use of the melodious qualities of percussion instruments. The second movement was a symphony of jungle sounds – soft flute drum and marimba, then a fantastic crescendo by all instruments, tympani and chimes joining in, followed by a sudden decrescendo. Lovely, effective, exciting.
St. Petersburg Times,25/05/1972
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