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Roy Harris

Publisher: AMP

Associated Music Publishers Inc
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Large Orchestra
5 Minutes
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Composer Note:

When I was invited to write a work especially for the Portland Junior Symphony I accepted the honor with great anticipation and some apprehension.

A satisfactory work would have to meet these standards of clear expression and yet belong to our time, our people, our youth.

With these thoughts guiding me I decided to remember the days of my late ‘teens. What was I like, what did I do, what were my expectations? To my great surprise and pleasure I found that I was quite similar to my own children (we have five). Forty years ago and today the youth live in a shining world of expectation: idealism is as high as the life which surrounds them will permit.

We did live then and do live now in two worlds, a dream world and an action world. So I decided to write “dream” music and “action” music: Reverie and Dance. (The Reverie has been retitled Elegy.) In both are folk-like songs, traditional and original, which my own family sing and love. In the Dance there are fast contemporary dance rhythms. Perhaps I should add that the harmony is consonant rather than dissonant; but it is a modern sense of consonance, seeking for bright, clear color.

—Roy Harris

  • 13 MAY 2011
    Göttingen, Germany
    Göttinger Symphonie Orchester
    Christoph Mathias Muller, conductor

    Other Dates:
    15 May - Lüneburg, Germany

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