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Marvin Hamlisch

Publisher: G. Schirmer

Anatomy of Peace (1991)
Text Writer
David Zippel
Chorus and Orchestra/Ensemble
Year Composed
30 Minutes
Solo Instrument(s)
Child's voice
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Programme Note
Marvin Hamlisch Anatomy of Peace (1991)

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David Zippel

Composer Note:
I decided that Reves's call for one law for us all could be defined by a simple, clear, plaintive theme, and that the orchestra would represent all the nations of the world and their different rules of law. The suite begins with the nations of the world in loud, cacophonous uproar. Suddenly, a solo flute introduces the "one Law" theme, beckoning to us all; one law bringing us all together. But each section of the orchestra (our world) initially resists the call, since old habits are hard to break. The brass and the woodwinds are first to display their dislike of this new idea. But the flute acts as a magnet and slowly its pull (its logic) is felt, first by the woodwinds. When the theme returns, it is not alone. The strings, a big part of our world, must mow be convinced, and finally they are. Our theme is now given words, first introduced by a solo child, and then sung again by a children's chorus. Slowly the irresistibility of the idea begins to weave a spell on the orchestra and the penultimate section of the piece is a contemplative one, as the world thinks about what the new world order would be. Finally, Reves's dream is musically realized, as the entire orchestra accepts the "one Law" concept.

--Marvin Hamlisch

[Anatomy of Peace] displayed some remarkable moments in its world premiere...[We] thought we might have a concert-hall hit of the proportions of, say, a Pictures at an Exhibition or a Pines of Rome on our hands.
Wayne Lee Gay, Fort Worth Star Telegram,01/01/0001
Anatomy of Peace is an effective work full of memorable moments. It...manages to engage the emotions in a positive way...[The work proves] the composer's talent for melody is obvious and the work is solidly in the tonal tradition...
Olin Chism , Dallas Times Herald,01/01/0001
[Anatomy of Peace is] a neatly scored...and entirely professional [work that] is...easily accessible...
John Ardoin , The Dallas Morning News,01/01/0001
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