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Edward K. (Duke) Ellington

Publisher: G. Schirmer

Three Black Kings for Soloist and Orchestra (1943)
G Schirmer Inc
Soloists and Orchestra
Sub Category
Soloists and Large Orchestra
Year Composed
ed. by Maurice Peress
19 Minutes
Solo Instrument(s)
Eb, Bb or C instrument
Programme Note
Edward K. (Duke) Ellington Three Black Kings for Soloist and Orchestra (1943)

  • Ensemble
    American Composers Orchestra
    Maurice Peress
    Musical Heritage Society:
  • G. Schirmer:
The music that leaped out at listeners was Gould's Spirituals in Five Movements and Ellington's Three Black Kings. Smart, concise, alternately soothing and shattering, always sincere: Gould's orchestral writing represents everything good and important in the American urban sensibility by hint of exceptional craftsmanship. Popular music is transformed. Ellington's piece reorganizes symphony orchestra sound. Strings are busy but largely subservient to winds and percussion. One was fascinated by the elegance of this music, the fastidious attention to every sonority, the love of delicacy even in emphatic moments.
Bernard Holland, The New York Times,01/01/0001
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